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QR & Selfie based attendance software

Our QR & Selfie based attendance software can help organizations to reduce costs associated with manual attendance tracking, improve attendance accuracy and increase employee productivity, reducing HR management workload, and improving overall HR management efficiency. The ROI can be significant, depending on the size of the organization and the current system in place.

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Customer feedback management software

This solution can help business owners to improve their customer satisfaction and increase their sales by better understanding their customers’ needs and preferences. Additionally, by providing an efficient and cost-effective way to collect customer feedback, our software can help businesses to save time and resources. In terms of ROI, businesses can expect to see a return on investment by implementing our software through increased sales, improved customer satisfaction and increased efficiency. Additionally, our software can also help businesses to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions which can lead to cost savings.

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Website to Mobile App Converter

Introducing our Website to Mobile App Converter “IMPAXIFY” - a revolutionary software that allows businesses to quickly and easily convert their website into a fully-functional mobile app. With our software, you can have your app up and running in less than a day, with features such as a progress loader and the ability to upload to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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QR code generation software

This is a powerful tool that allows businesses to easily create QR codes for their website links. Whether you're looking to promote your website, increase customer engagement, or simply make it easier for customers to access your online content, our software has got you covered.

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