QR & Selfie based Attendance Software


Our QR & Selfie based attendance software - OQTIMAQ is a modern and efficient way for employees to mark their attendance. By using their mobile camera, employees can scan a QR code and click a selfie to confirm their attendance.

Key Features

  • QR code scanning for easy and secure attendance tracking
  • Selfie verification for added security
  • Mobile-friendly, accessible from any device with a camera
  • Integration with existing HR systems for seamless attendance management

Potential benefits to the client

  • Increased security and accuracy of attendance tracking
  • Reduced reliance on physical sign-in sheets or punch cards
  • Real-time attendance tracking for improved HR management

Value Proposition

Our QR & Selfie based attendance software offers a secure and efficient solution for attendance tracking. With added convenience for employees and improved HR management for the employer, it is a valuable tool for any organization.


Our QR & Selfie based attendance software can help organizations to reduce costs associated with manual attendance tracking, improve attendance accuracy and increase employee productivity, reducing HR management workload, and improving overall HR management efficiency. The ROI can be significant, depending on the size of the organization and the current system in place.