Area : Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence

Recruitment Bot - Case Study

Case Statement

Our client being a recruitment agency used to get job requirements from different companies. This job requirements will land in respective HR/recruiter mails. HR/Recruiter will do the following steps to complete the desired objective

  • Read the email
  • Understand the job requirement – position, skills etc
  • Check for the suitable profiles
  • Replying to the email with the suitable profiles


Man Power Consumption: This process is completely manual and given the number of requests received daily, time and manpower are consumed heavily.

Impact on Revenue: Due to huge volume of emails, handling all the job requirement emails is quite tough and in few scenarios recruiters' response will be delayed which causes hindrance to business revenue.

Our Solution

After going through their existing process, Impaxive crafted a strategy and proposed a solution that will completely automate their whole process. Our solution comprises of two major components

  1. AI Engine
  2. Web Application

AI Engine: AI engine is the heart of this solution and it does the following

  • Access and read all the mails of HR/Recruiter
  • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Text Mining,keywords in the email which describes job requirement are extracted. (Example: Java Developer, RPA Consultant)
  • Makes an API call to web application with those keywords to get the suitable profiles
  • Composes reply and store it in draft for review purpose (this is intentional as we thought manual intervention in final step will be more appropriate)

Web Application: Core purpose of web application is defined as below

  • Create and Manage Recruiters
  • Create and Manage Consultants
  • Upload Consultant resumes
  • Integration with AI engine


  • Enhanced and Streamlined Process Automation
  • Reduced human intervention (manpower is saved)
  • Cost savings

Our solution automated almost every step of their business process. Now our client is able to handle and respond to all the job requirements with very minimal manual intervention.