Area : Application Development, eCommerce

VOGGISH - Fashion Market Place - Case Study

Problem Definition

We all love to dress up in designer wear but we may not have time or access to search/visit all the designer’s outlets/boutiques around us or across country
Our client wanted to eliminate this problem by launching a platform wherein the collections from all the designers across the country can be accessed.


Requirements workshop was the first thing we did as soon as we got onboarded. This workshop gave us as well as the client a clear idea about the execution of this project. “Everyone should have complete access to designer collections from all the designers across India” this was our client's vision statement.

Having an online store would not suffice, building a marketplace was the solution. To make our client's vision a reality Impaxive built a scalable and efficient market place platform, VOGGISH, that brings together customers and designers.

Designer Registration, Designer Portal that allows designer to upload products, Product Catalogue, Multi Currency Support, Payment Gateway Integration and Designer management, User Management are the key functionalities that we delivered for this project


Designers would now be able to login to the application and showcase their work by uploading their products. Simultaneously customers can access all the designer collection uploaded by designers across India.