Area: Application Development, Web Application

Knowledge Dissemination Platform - Case Study


The ask from the client was to create a knowledge dissemination platform, to help Indian start-ups navigate a complex business environment to those growth-stage start-ups seeking high quality and bespoke knowledge exchanges and scalable networking opportunities with Global Corporate Houses. Impaxive developed a scalable and robust web application that helped our client launch the platform successfully.


Impaxive understood the client requirements and came up with a strategy to meet the end objectives. Scalability, Robustness and Responsiveness (Multi device compatibility) being the key considerations before we start our coding. Creating and Managing Events, Start-up’s Enrolment, Process Notifications are the key functionalities that we delivered as part of this project.


Our technical expertise in the application development arena and our architectural approach helped the client launch the platform and made it to work effortlessly to achieve their goals.